Phalanx Fracture S92.403A 826.0

Distal phalanx toe xray image

toe phalanx fracture

 toe phalanx fracture

ICD-9 Classification / Treatment
Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis
Anatomy Complications
Clinical Evaluation Follow-up Care
Xray / Diagnositc Tests Review References


Toe Phalanx Fracture ICD-10

A- initial encounter for closed fracture

B- initial encounter for open fracture

D- subsequent encounter for fracture with routine healing

G- subsequent encounter for fracture with delayed healing

K- subsequent encounter for fracture with nonunion

P- subsequent encounter for fracture with malunion

S- sequela

Toe Phalanx Fracture ICD-9

  • 826.0(foot phalanx fx-closed),
  •  826.1(foot phalanx fx-open) 

Toe Phalanx Fracture Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History


Toe Phalanx Fracture Anatomy


Toe Phalanx Fracture Clinical Evaluation

  •  CPT: 28496(percutaneous fixation of great toe phalanx fracture)

Toe Phalanx Fracture Xray / Diagnositc Tests


Toe Phalanx Fracture Classification / Treatment


Toe Phalanx Fracture Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis


Toe Phalanx Fracture Complications

Toe Phalanx Fracture Follow-up Care


Toe Phalanx Fracture Review References