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synonyms:os trigonum excision, posterior ankle impingement excision

 Os Trigonum Excision CPT

Os Trigonum Excision Indications

 Os Trigonum Excision Contraindications

  •  Infection

Os Trigonum Excision Alternatives

  • Conservative Treatment

Os Trigonum Excision Pre-op Planning

  • Medial approach should be used when both tendinitis of the flexor hallucis longus tendon and posterior
    impingement are being treated.
  • Lateral approach should be used only to treat isolated posterior impingement.

Os Trigonum Excision Technique

  • 4 cm curvilinear incision posterior to the malleolus at the level of the superior border of the calcaneus, following the
    course of the neurovascular bundle.
  • Neurovascular bundle retracted posteriorly.
  • Identify FHL fibro-osseus tunnel by motion of the great toe.
  • Tunnel released, proximal to distal, to the level of the sustentaculum tali, and debridement or repair is performed.
  • Excise the os trigonum which is on the lateral side of the entrance of the fibro-osseous tunnel.
  • Ankle examined in full plantar flexion.  Remove any  bone or soft-tissue impingement noted.
  • Closure performed with ankle in a neutral position of flexion and extension to properly align skin edges.

Os Trigonum Excision Complications

Os Trigonum Excision Follow-up care

  • Post-op:
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Os Trigonum Excision Outcomes

Os Trigonum Excision Review References