Latarjet Distal Tibial Allograft Shoulder Instability Technique

CPT Technique
Indications Complications
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 Latarjet CPT


Latarjet Indications

  • Glenoid bone loss >25%
  • Recurrent shoulder instability

 Latarjet Contraindications


Latarjet Alternatives

  • Distal tibial Allograft

Latarjet Pre-op Planning

  • If doing Latterjet ensure guide is available for coracoid screw placement.  
  • Coracoid graft placement >1mm lateral to glenoid leads to advanced arthritis.  Graft placement >2mm medial leads to recurrent instability.   (Gerber, C; ASES2018)

Latarjet Technique

    Latarjet Complications

    Latarjet Follow-up care

    • Post-op:
    • 7-10 Days:
    • 3 Weeks:
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    Latarjet Outcomes

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