Bunionette M21.629 735.8

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synonyms:Bunionette, Tailor's Bunion, small toe bunion, pinky bunion

Bunionette ICD-10

Bunionette ICD-9

  • 735.8 Other acquired deformity of toe

Bunionette Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History


Bunionette Anatomy

  • Normal intermetatarsal angle between the fourth and fifth metatarsals is 6.2 degrees, whereas it averages 9.6 degrees in patients with symptomatic bunionettes.

Bunionette Clinical Evaluation

  • progressive pain over the lateral aspect of the 5th MT head
  • exacerbated by shoe wear, relived by avoiding pressure over the area

Bunionette Xray / Diagnositc Tests


Bunionette Classification / Treatment

  •  RX:shoe wear modifications.  OR;lateral exostectomy
  • If there is no increase in the intermetatarsal angle> simple resection of the lateral exostosis (condyle) is indicated.  Resection of the fifth metatarsal head and resection of the base of the fifth proximal phalanx are contraindicated. Coughlin MJ: Treatment of bunionette deformity with longitudinal diaphyseal osteotomy with distal soft tissue repair.  Foot Ankle 1991;11:195-203.

Bunionette Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis


Bunionette Complications

Bunionette Follow-up Care


Bunionette Review References

  • Coughlin MJ: Etiology and treatment of the bunionette deformity.  ICL XXXIX. 1990, 37-48
  • Kitaoka HB, Holiday AD Jr: Lateral condylar resection for bunionette.  Clin Orthop 1992;278:183-192.