1st Metatarsal Dorsiflexion Osteotomy 28306

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synonyms:1st Dorsiflexion osteotomy

1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy CPT-10


1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Indications

  • Flexible cavovarus foot with lateral foot pain which fails to improve with conservative management
  • Zone 3; Diaphyseal Stress Fracture with flexible cavovarus heel: Treatment = intrameduallary screw fixation of the 5th metatarsal with dorsiflexion osteotomy of the 1st metatarsal (DenHartog BD, JAAOS 2009;17:458).

 1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Contraindications

  •  1st tarsometatarsal arthritis; consider 1st TMT arthrodesis instead

1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Alternatives

  • Conservative care
  • 1st TMT arthrodesis

1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Pre-op Planning

  • A

1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Technique

  • Osteotomy should be performed 1cm distal to the 1st tarsometatarsal joint.

1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Complications

1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Follow-up care

  • Post-op:
  • 7-10 Days:
  • 3 Weeks:
  • 6 Weeks:
  • 2 Months:
  • 3 Months:
  • 6 Months:
  • 1Yr:

1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Outcomes

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1st MT Dorsiflexion Osteotomy Review References

  • LaClair SM, Foot Ankle Clin 2007;121:153