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Upper Extremity Dermotomal Innervation

 Upper Extremity Dermotomal Innervation  
  1. C4:
  2. C5
    -scapular pain with vague sensory changes.
    -supraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoid
    -DDX:Upper cord brachial plexus palsy, suprascapular N palsy, axillary N palsy
  3. C6
    -Retroscapular, thumb, index finger pain
    -Biceps, brachioradialis, pronator teres
    -DDX: brachial plexus palsy,
  4. C7
    -retroscapular pain, pain/numbness in long & middle fingers
    -triceps, wrist, finger extensors and flexors
    -brachial plexus palsy, radial nerve palsy, median nerve palsy
  5. C8
    - medial forearm, ring & small finger numbness/pain
    -finger extensors & flexors, intrinsics
    -lower cord brachial plexus palsy, radial / median / ulnar nerve palsy
  6. T1-same as C8 above
  7. T2


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