Tooth Injuries

Tooth Avulsion

  • Definition: partial or complete desplacement of the tooth from its aleveolar support.
  • Tooth survival is dependent on the length of time the tooth is out of the socket and the degree of injury to the periodontal ligament
  • Treatment: only handle tooth by the crown, not the root. Rinse tooth with water or normal saline. Keep tooth moist during transport in Hank's solution, whole milk, saliva, or sterile saline. Transfer to dentist ASAP preferable within one hour.
  • Krasner P, Dent Clin North Am 2000;44:111

Crown Fracture

  • Definition: incomplete loss or fracture of the tooth enamel without loss of the tooth.
  • Most common dental injury in hockey (43.5%): generally a blow from a hockey stick and in players not wearing protective guards. (Lahti H, Med Sci Sports Exerc 2002;34:400)

Other Dental Injuries

  • mandible fracture
  • lip laceration
  • temporomandibular contusion