Tibialis Anterior Rupture S86.219A 845.00




Tibialis Anterior Rupture ICD-10

A- initial encounter

D- unspecified foot, subsequent encounter

S- sequela

Tibialis Anterior Rupture ICD-9

  • 845.00 ( sprains and strains of ankle and foot: unspecified site)

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Uncommon
  • Occurs from blunt trauma or tendon laceration. Atraumatic ruptures can occur following eccentric loading of a plantar flexed foot, generally in men >45yrs old.
  • Risk factors: inflammatory arthritis, gout, diabetes mellitus, corticosteriod use.

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Anatomy

  • Tibialis Anterior:Innervation = deep peroneal nerve (L4); origin = lateral tibia; insertion = medial cuneiform and 1st metatarsal; functions to dorsiflex foot.

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Clinical Evaluation

  • Anterior ankle pain
  • Drop foot; ankle dorsiflexion weakness
  • Loss of the countour of the tibialis anterior tendon on the anterior ankle.
  • EHL and EDC are used to dorsiflex ankle
  • May have stappage or flat-slpping gait or tendency to toe-drag.
  • Classic Triad: (1)pseudotumor at the anterior part of the ankle that corresponds with the ruptured tendon end, (2)loss of the normal contour of the tendon, (3)weak dorsiflexion. (Sammarco VJ, JBJS 2009;91A:325)

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Xray / Diagnositc Tests

  • A/P, mortise and lateral ankle xray indicated to r/o fracture or avulsion.  Avulsion fx best seen on lateral xray

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Classification / Treatment

  • Ankle-foot orthosis: generally for elderly patients with low functional demand and delayed presentation (>3 months old)
  • Acute rupture generally treated with direct repair or suture anchor reattachment of avulsions. (Sammarco VJ, JBJS 2009;91A:325).
  • Chronic rupture: plantaris tendon graft/extensor digitorum longus graft (Sammarco VJ, JBJS 2009;91A:325)

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Complications

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Follow-up Care

Tibialis Anterior Rupture Review References

  • Sammarco VJ, JBJS 2009;91A:325