Thigh Anatomy




Muscles of the Anterior Thigh

  Muscle Innervation Origin Insertion Action Nerve Root
1 Vastus lateralis femoral iliotibial line/greater trochanter/lateral linea aspera lateral patella    
2 Vastus medialis femoral iliotibial line/medial linea aspera/supracondylar line medial patella    
3 Vastus intermedius femoral Proximal anterior femoral shaft patella    

Muscles of the Posterior Thigh

1 Biceps(long head) tibial medial ischial tuberosity fibular head.lateral tibia    
2 Biceps(short head) peroneal lat linea aspera/lat intermuscular septum lateral tibial condyle    
3 Semitendinosus tibial Distal med. Ischial tuberosity anterior tibial crest    
4 Semimembranosus tibial proximal lat ischial tuberosity oblique popliteal ligament/posterior capsule/posterior, medial tibia/popliteus