Talus Anatomy

 Talus anatomy posterior view image  Posterior view of Talus and Calcaneous
  1. Talus (body)
  2. Posterior Process of Talus
  3. Posteromedial process of talus: insertion site for posterior deltoid ligament
  4. Groove for flexor hallusic longus tendon
  5. Posterolateral process of talus(trigonal process)insertion site for posterior talofibular ligament
  6. Calcaneous

Os Trigonum: secondary ossification center in the posterolateral process of the talus in 7% -14% of patients

Talus lateral view image Lateral View of Talus and Calcaneous
  1. Posterior process of Talus
  2. Talus (body)
  3. Lateral Process of Talus
  4. Neck of Talus
  5. Navicular
  6. Middle Cunneiform
  7. Lateral Cunneiform
  8. Cuboid
  9. Peroneal tubercle of Calcaneous
  10. Lateral Process of Calcaneal tuberosity
  11. Calcaneous