Snapping Triceps M24.9 718.92



Snapping Triceps ICD-10

  • M24.9:    Joint derangement, unspecified

Snapping Triceps ICD-9

  • 718.92 (unspecified derangement of joint; arm)

Snapping Triceps Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Has been associated with bodybuilders with hypertrophied musculature (Spinner RJ, JBJS 1998;80A:239), baseball pitching and push-ups/weightlifting

Snapping Triceps Anatomy

  • Can occur from medial subluxation of the medial head of the triceps muscle or tendon over the medial epicondyle during elbow flexion, or the lateral triceps tendon subluxing over the lateral epicondyle.
  • Associated bony abnormalities: hypoplastic trochlea or medial epicondyle, cubitus varus, or an elongated olecranon on the medial sid

Snapping Triceps Clinical Evaluation

  • Variable pain on the medial aspect of elbow
  • Evaluate for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome as well as ulnar nerve subluxation.
  • Symptoms may be exacerbated by overhead activities such as pitching, push-ups, and weight lifting
  • With careful palpation snapping of the triceps will be detected.

Snapping Triceps Xray / Diagnositc Tests

  • A/P, lateral and oblique elbow films indicated, usually normal.
  • Arthrogram MRI: consider to eval for loose bodies. MRI performed in full elbow flexion and extension demonstrating the muscle subluxed in full flexion confirms the diagnosis. (Yiannakopoulos CK. Radiology 2002;225:607).

Snapping Triceps Classification / Treatment

  • Nonoperative: avoidance of activities that involve repetitive flexion and extension of elbow, NSAIDs.
  • Operative: release the offending portion of triceps tendon from the medial attachment of the triceps mechanism, with lateral translation and reattachement. May require concomittant ulnar nerve transpostion if associated with ulnar neuropathy. (Spinner RJ, JBJS 1998;80A:239).

Snapping Triceps Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

Snapping Triceps Complications

  • Recerrent snapping

Snapping Triceps Follow-up Care

  • Splint removed at 7-10 days. Gentle elbow ROM started. Hand wrist ROM encouraged.
  • Resisted wrist flexion/pronation started at 6 weeks
  • Return to activity at 4 months post-op
  • 100% excellent results with release and lateralization in small series. (Spinner RJ, JBJS 1998;80A:239).

Snapping Triceps Review References

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