Scaphoid Nonunion Advanced Collapse S62.023K 733.82

  • synonyms: SNAC wrist

SNAC Wrist ICD-10


  • 733.82(scaphoid nonunion)

SNAC Classification / Treatment

  • Stage I=beaking of radial styloid.  Rx=radial styloidectomy with ORIF bone graft scaphoid
  • Stage II=radioscaphoid joint arthrosis.  Rx=distal pole excision vs PRC vs 4-bone fusion.
  • Stage III=Arthrosis entended to capitolunate joint.  RX=PRC vs fusion-Stage IV=pancarpal arthrosis. Rx=fusion
SNAC Review References
  • Weiss KE, Rodner CM. Osteoarthritis of the wrist. J Hand Surg Am. 2007 May-Jun;32(5):725-46. 
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