Radial Nerve Palsy G56.30 354.3


synonyms: radial nerve palsy, radial nerve laceration, radial nerve injury

Radial Nerve ICD-10

  • G56.32 Lesion radial nerve, left upper limb
  • G56.33 Lesion radial nerve, bilateral upper limbs
  • G56.30 Lesion radial nerve, unspecified upper limb
  • G56.31 Lesion radial nerve, right upper limb  

Radial Nerve ICD-9

  • 354.3 Lesion of radial nerve; Acute radial nerve palsty

Radial Nerve Etiology

  • inability to extend wrist thumb, fingers due to Radial nerve injury

Radial Nerve Anatomy

  • radial N innervates BR & ECRL before branching into PIN and superficial radial N
  • PIN emerges from suppinator @ 8cm from elbow

Radial Nerve Treatment

  • PROM must be restored\retained before tendon transfer
  • tendon chosen must be similar strength and excursion, expendable, synergism is helpful
  • nerves regenerate 1mm/day. BR ECRL recover first, 5-6 months
  • standard transfers(Jones)=PT to ECRB, FCU to EDC     II-V, PL to rerouted EPL.
  • options =FCR and/or FDS(Boyes)
  • FCR transfer(Starr, Brand)-PT to ECRB, FCR to EDC, PL to EPL.  Dorsal and Volar longitudinal incisions.  FCR passed SQ around radial border.  PT with strip of periosteum passed around radial border superficial to BR and ECRL.


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