Psoriatic Arthritis L40.50 696.0



Psoriatic Arthritis ICD-10

  • L40.50 Arthropathic psoriasis, unspecified

Psoriatic Arthritis ICD-9

  • 696.0 Psoriatic arthropathy
  • 713.3 Arthropathy associated with dermatological disorders
  • 696 Psoriasis and similar disorders

Psoriatic Arthritis Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Affects 20-30% of patients with psoriasis. Arthritis preceeds skin lesions in 15% of patients
  • Men = women

Psoriatic Arthritis Anatomy

Psoriatic Arthritis Clinical Evaluation

  • Nail pitting and onycholysis
  • May have distal arthritis (DIP joints), asymmetric arthritis(<5 joints in asymmetric distribution), Symmetric polyarthritis (similar to RA), arthritis mutilans(deforming/destrictive), spondyloarthritis(sacroiliitis, spondylitis).

Psoriatic Arthritis Xray / Diagnositc Tests

Psoriatic Arthritis Classification / Treatment

  • Generally referred to Rheumatologist for disease modifying treatment. Infliximab (targets TNF), etanerceopt(targets TNF), adalimumab(targets TNF), methotrexate, cyclosporine. Medications have many sometimes severe adverse effects.

Psoriatic Arthritis Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

Psoriatic Arthritis Complications

  • Adverse medication reactions: TB reactivation, pneumoxystis carinii, candidiasis, histoplasmosis, listeriosis, nocardiosis, aspergillosis, cytomegalovirus, cryptococcosis, coccidioidmyocosis, demyelinating disease, infusion/injection reactions, malignancy, CHF

Psoriatic Arthritis Follow-up Care

  • Generally refer to rheumatology for medical management.

Psoriatic Arthritis Review References

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