Proximal Ulna Anatomy

  Proximal Ulna - Medial view  Proximal Ulna - Medial view
  1. Trochlear notch
  2. Coronoid tip (Capsule inserts an average of 6.4 mm distal to the coronoid tip)
  3. Anteromedial facet (anteromedial fractures are assoicated with lateral collateral ligament ruptures)
  4. Sublime tubercle (18.4mm dorsal to coronoid tip; insertion site for anterior band of MCL)
  5. Base of coronoid
  6. Tuberosity
  7. Olecranon
Proximal Ulna - Lateral view Proximal Ulna - Lateral view
  1. Tuberosity
  2. Supinator crest
  3. Radial notch
  4. Coronoid tip
  5. Trochlear notch
  6. Olecranon