Osteochondral Autograft 29866

 Grade IV chondral injury image

Chondromalacia Classification image

synonyms: OATS, mosiacplasty, osteoarticular autograft transfer


OATs Indications

  • <3cm2 Grade IV chondral lesion

OATs Contraindications

  • Limb malalignment
  • Arthritic changes

OATs Alternatives

OATs Planning / Special Considerations

  • Associated malalignmnet must be corrected before any cartilage restoration procedure. Most isolated lesions involve the MFC and can be associated with varus alignment. Concomitant HTO is indicated.
  • Arthrex Oats system or Mitex COR system

OATs Technique

  • Perform diagnostic knee arthroscopy.
  • Typical harvest site is the intercondylar notch and the periphery of the lateral trochlea just proximal to the sulcus terminalis.

OATs Complications

  • Hemarthrosis
  • Continued symptoms

OATs Follow-up care

  • Post-op: 6hrs/day CPM, NWB x6wks unless lesion treated was patellofemoral.
  • 7-10 Days: Wound check, continue CPM, NWB
  • 6 Weeks: Discontinue CPM, advance to full weight bearing
  • 3 Months: Resume all normal ADLs.
  • 6 Months: Gradually begin running / sport specific rehab.
  • 1Yr: Return to sport / full duty. Return to high-impact activites after treatment of large defects is not recommened.

OATs Outcomes

  • 92% good/excellent result for femoral condyles, 87% tibia, 79% patellofemoral, 94% talar dome (Hangody L, JBJS Am, 2003;85(sup2):25).

OATs Review References