Medial Patellofemoral Ligament

  • Origin: Adductor tubercle of the distal femur: medial epicondyle immediately superior to the attachment of the medial collateral ligament. (Steensen RN, AJSM 2004;32:1509).
  • Insertion: superomedial border of the patella via a wide insertion: @1 cm distal to the superior pole of the patella, near the widest portion of the patella. (Steensen RN, AJSM 2004;32:1509).
  • Courses deep to the retinaculum in layer II; deep to the sartorius and is partially cavered by the Vastus medialis.
  • Function: Provides 50%-60% of the resistance to lateral displacement of the patella.
  • Mean length = Mean width+ (Amis A, Knee 2003;10:215).
  • Strength = 208 N (Moutney J, JBJS 2005;87Br:36).
  • >94% of patellar dislocations are related to MPFL rupture.