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Little League Shoulder M89.9 733.9

 Little League Shoulder xray Little League Shoulder ICD-10

Little League Shoulder ICD-9

  • 733.9 Other and unspecified disorders of bone and cartilage

Little League Shoulder

  • stress fracture of the proximal humeral epiphyseal plate.
  • Average age = 14yrs.

Little League Shoulder Clinical Evaluation

  • classic history=adolescent pitcher who has increased his pitching level and now has poorly localized aching shoulder pain after attempts to throw.
  • Tenderness over proximal humerus
  • discomfort at the proximal humerus and weakness.

Little League Shouder Xray

  • A/P, scapular-Y, axillary views of shoulder. Internal and external rotation A/P xrays for the both shoulders indicated. Little Leagure's shoulder is indicated by widening of the proximal humerus physis on the injured side.
  • initial xrays normal
  • Later xrays show physis widening, fragmentation, demineralization, periosteal stripping, callus.

Little League Shoulder Treatment

  • Cessation of repetitive physeal stress. There is no long-term sequelae.
  • Rest from throwing for at least 3 months with gradual return to throwing after shoulder is asymptomatic is indicated.

Little League Shoulder References

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