Knee MRI

Normal PCL MRI image PCL MRI - Normal
  • 96-100% accurate in determining all posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries. (Fischer  JBJS 73A:2-10 1991).
  • PCL appears as thick dark band extending from the medial femoral condyle to the posterior tibia best seen on oblique sagittal images.
  • PCL disruption = discontinuity, abnormal course, or fluid signal traversing the ligament on T2 images.
 PCL Tear MRI image  

PCL Tear

  • Sagittal FSE T2 MRI of 28y/o male with PCL and ACL tears.
  • Image through the intercondylar notch demonstrating torn PCL shown.
  1. Stump of PCL demonstrating discontinuity with origin on medial femoral condyle and lax, abnormal contour.
Bucket handle meniscal tear MRI Bucket Handle Meniscal Tear
  • Coronal T1 MRI of bucket handle lateral meniscal tear
  1. Medial Meniscus
  2. Bucket handle lateral meniscal tear displaced into the intercondylar notch
  3. Absent lateral meniscus in normal position
 Normal ACL mri Proton Density MRI of Normal ACL
  1. Quadriceps tendon
  2. Patella
  3. Patellar ligmanet
  4. Distal femur (notch area)
  5. ACL
  6. Tibial Plateau
  7. PCL

Sagittal FSE PD image


Normal ACL mri IR MRI of normal ACL