Jogger's Nerve

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synonyms: medial plantar nerve neuropathy, neuritis, neuroma, Jogger's foot, Medial plantar neuropraxia

Jogger's Nerve ICD-10

Jogger's Nerve Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Compression of the medial plantar nerve

Jogger's Nerve Anatomy

  • Site of compression occurs as the medial plantar nerve courses through the Master Knor of Henry

Jogger's Nerve Clinical Evaluation

  • Causes pain in the medial aspect of the foot which may radiate to both the ankle and great toe.
  • May have burning heel pain, aching in the arch, and decreased sensation in the plantar great toe

Jogger's Nerve Xray / Diagnositc Tests

    Jogger's Nerve Classification / Treatment

    •  Change in running posture of the foot to avoid valgus running, anti-inflammatory medications, and proper footwear.

    Jogger's Nerve Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis


    Jogger's Nerve Complications

    Jogger's Nerve Follow-up Care


    Jogger's Nerve Review References

    • Kennedy JG, Intl Sport Med J 2006;7:85