Jersey Finger Cases

 Jersey Finger picture

23y/o right hand dominant male sustained left ring finger Type II FDP avulsion while grasping opponents jersey playing flag football.

Clinical Evaluation:

  • Unable to actively flex DIP joint of ring finger
  • Unable to fully flex PIP joint of ring finger
  • Tender along flexor tendon sheath of ring finger
  • Mild tenderness in palm


Boney Jersey finger xray

31y/o female slipped going down stairs, catching small finger on hand rail.

PE: small finger swollen and ecchymotic. NO DIP active flexion.


Lateral injury view shown. 

Boney Jersey finger xray

A/P injury view shown.




ORIF via a volar incision. Fracture fragment was found displaced outside flexion sheath and hinged on A4 pulley. Fragment was reduced and fixed with a 1.5mm screw (Synthes modular hand set) placed with AO lag screw technique 

Boney Jersey finger xray A/P intraoperative view. 
Boney Jersey finger xray  Lateral intraoperative view