Intraosseous Ganglion M85.60 733.20

lunate intraosseous ganglion 
ICD-9 Classification / Treatment
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synonyms: intraosseous ganglion of the lunate, scaphoid, lunate cyst, cystic lunate

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion ICD-10

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion ICD-9

  • 733.20 Cyst of bone (localized), unspecified
  • 727.43 Ganglion, unspecified

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Uncommon, benign cystic lesion in the carpal bones.
  • Can be bilateral and symmetrical
  • Occurs in young and middle-aged adults 
  • Lunate most frequently affected, followed by capitate, scaphoid, and triquetrum
  • Differential diagnosis of a lytic lesion in the carpals: 
  • Pathogenesis unknown:  synovial herniation, neoplasia, metaplasia of mesenchymal precursor cells, proliferation of synovial rest cells, and traumatic mucoid degeneration of connective tissue.

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Anatomy

  • Histology similar to that of soft tissue ganglions; cystic wall surrounded by flattened, synovial-like fibroconnective cells; focal mucoid degenerations   

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Clinical Evaluation

  • May cause chronic wrist pain or be asymptomatic   
  • May have limited range of motion, dorsal or volar pain, decreased strength

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Xray / Diagnositc Tests

  • Wrist X-rays eccentrically placed radiolucent lesion with a thin sclerotic margin contained within, and not expanding the affect carpal bone.
  • MRI demonstrates intermediate signal intensity on T1-weighted images and high-signal intensity on T2-weighted images (Feldman F, Skeletal Radiol. 1989; 18(5):353-358).

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Classification / Treatment

  • Conservative: nsaids, activity modifications, splint.  Repeat plain radiographs
  • Surgery: complete curettage of the cyst with autogenous bone graft. 25135
  • Consider arthroscopically assisted debridement and grafting of the lunate intraosseous ganglion. (Bain GI, Turner PC, Ashwood N. Arthroscopically assisted treatment of intraosseous ganglions of the lunate. Tech Hand Up Extrem Surg. 2008; 12(4):202-207.)

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

  • unicameral bone cyst
  • degenerative cyst
  • fibrous developmental defect
  • osteomyelitis

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Complications

  • Recurrence
  • Infection
  • Carpal instability

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Follow-up Care

  •  Recurrence rare

Intraosseous Carpal Ganglion Review References

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