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Z67.90 Unspecified blood type, Rh positive
Z67.91 Unspecified blood type, Rh negative
Z68.1 Body mass index (BMI) 19.9 or less, adult
Z68.20 Body mass index (BMI) 20.0-20.9, adult
Z68.21 Body mass index (BMI) 21.0-21.9, adult
Z68.22 Body mass index (BMI) 22.0-22.9, adult
Z68.23 Body mass index (BMI) 23.0-23.9, adult
Z68.24 Body mass index (BMI) 24.0-24.9, adult
Z68.25 Body mass index (BMI) 25.0-25.9, adult
Z68.26 Body mass index (BMI) 26.0-26.9, adult
Z68.27 Body mass index (BMI) 27.0-27.9, adult
Z68.28 Body mass index (BMI) 28.0-28.9, adult
Z68.29 Body mass index (BMI) 29.0-29.9, adult
Z68.30 Body mass index (BMI) 30.0-30.9, adult
Z68.31 Body mass index (BMI) 31.0-31.9, adult
Z68.32 Body mass index (BMI) 32.0-32.9, adult
Z68.33 Body mass index (BMI) 33.0-33.9, adult
Z68.34 Body mass index (BMI) 34.0-34.9, adult
Z68.35 Body mass index (BMI) 35.0-35.9, adult
Z68.36 Body mass index (BMI) 36.0-36.9, adult
Z68.37 Body mass index (BMI) 37.0-37.9, adult
Z68.38 Body mass index (BMI) 38.0-38.9, adult
Z68.39 Body mass index (BMI) 39.0-39.9, adult
Z68.41 Body mass index (BMI) 40.0-44.9, adult
Z68.42 Body mass index (BMI) 45.0-49.9, adult
Z68.43 Body mass index (BMI) 50.0-59.9, adult
Z68.44 Body mass index (BMI) 60.0-69.9, adult
Z68.45 Body mass index (BMI) 70 or greater, adult
Z68.51 Body mass index (BMI) pediatric, less than 5th percentile for age
Z68.52 Body mass index (BMI) pediatric, 5th percentile to less than 85th percentile for age
Z68.53 Body mass index (BMI) pediatric, 85th percentile to less than 95th percentile for age
Z68.54 Body mass index (BMI) pediatric, greater than or equal to 95th percentile for age
Z69.010 Encounter for mental health services for victim of parental child abuse
Z69.011 Encounter for mental health services for perpetrator of parental child abuse
Z69.020 Encounter for mental health services for victim of non-parental child abuse
Z69.021 Encounter for mental health services for perpetrator of non-parental child abuse
Z69.11 Encounter for mental health services for victim of spousal or partner abuse
Z69.12 Encounter for mental health services for perpetrator of spousal or partner abuse
Z69.81 Encounter for mental health services for victim of other abuse
Z69.82 Encounter for mental health services for perpetrator of other abuse
Z70.0 Counseling related to sexual attitude
Z70.1 Counseling related to patient's sexual behavior and orientation
Z70.2 Counseling related to sexual behavior and orientation of third party
Z70.3 Counseling related to combined concerns regarding sexual attitude, behavior and orientation
Z70.8 Other sex counseling
Z70.9 Sex counseling, unspecified
Z71.0 Person encountering health services to consult on behalf of another person
Z71.1 Person with feared health complaint in whom no diagnosis is made
Z71.2 Person consulting for explanation of examination or test findings
Z71.3 Dietary counseling and surveillance
Z71.41 Alcohol abuse counseling and surveillance of alcoholic
Z71.42 Counseling for family member of alcoholic
Z71.51 Drug abuse counseling and surveillance of drug abuser
Z71.52 Counseling for family member of drug abuser
Z71.6 Tobacco abuse counseling
Z71.7 Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] counseling
Z71.81 Spiritual or religious counseling
Z71.82 Exercise counseling
Z71.83 Encounter for nonprocreative genetic counseling
Z71.89 Other specified counseling
Z71.9 Counseling, unspecified
Z72.0 Tobacco use
Z72.3 Lack of physical exercise
Z72.4 Inappropriate diet and eating habits
Z72.51 High risk heterosexual behavior
Z72.52 High risk homosexual behavior
Z72.53 High risk bisexual behavior
Z72.6 Gambling and betting
Z72.810 Child and adolescent antisocial behavior
Z72.811 Adult antisocial behavior
Z72.820 Sleep deprivation
Z72.821 Inadequate sleep hygiene
Z72.89 Other problems related to lifestyle
Z72.9 Problem related to lifestyle, unspecified
Z73.0 Burn-out
Z73.1 Type A behavior pattern
Z73.2 Lack of relaxation and leisure
Z73.3 Stress, not elsewhere classified
Z73.4 Inadequate social skills, not elsewhere classified
Z73.5 Social role conflict, not elsewhere classified
Z73.6 Limitation of activities due to disability
Z73.810 Behavioral insomnia of childhood, sleep-onset association type
Z73.811 Behavioral insomnia of childhood, limit setting type
Z73.812 Behavioral insomnia of childhood, combined type
Z73.819 Behavioral insomnia of childhood, unspecified type
Z73.82 Dual sensory impairment
Z73.89 Other problems related to life management difficulty
Z73.9 Problem related to life management difficulty, unspecified
Z74.01 Bed confinement status
Z74.09 Other reduced mobility
Z74.1 Need for assistance with personal care
Z74.2 Need for assistance at home and no other household member able to render care
Z74.3 Need for continuous supervision
Z74.8 Other problems related to care provider dependency
Z74.9 Problem related to care provider dependency, unspecified
Z75.0 Medical services not available in home
Z75.1 Person awaiting admission to adequate facility elsewhere
Z75.2 Other waiting period for investigation and treatment
Z75.3 Unavailability and inaccessibility of health-care facilities
Z75.4 Unavailability and inaccessibility of other helping agencies