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H04.432 Chronic lacrimal mucocele of left lacrimal passage
H04.512 Dacryolith of left lacrimal passage
H04.522 Eversion of left lacrimal punctum
H04.532 Neonatal obstruction of left nasolacrimal duct
H04.542 Stenosis of left lacrimal canaliculi
H04.552 Acquired stenosis of left nasolacrimal duct
H04.562 Stenosis of left lacrimal punctum
H04.572 Stenosis of left lacrimal sac
H04.612 Lacrimal fistula left lacrimal passage
H04.812 Granuloma of left lacrimal passage
H05.012 Cellulitis of left orbit
H05.022 Osteomyelitis of left orbit
H05.032 Periostitis of left orbit
H05.042 Tenonitis of left orbit
H05.112 Granuloma of left orbit
H05.122 Orbital myositis, left orbit
H05.212 Displacement (lateral) of globe, left eye
H05.222 Edema of left orbit
H05.232 Hemorrhage of left orbit
H05.242 Constant exophthalmos, left eye
H05.252 Intermittent exophthalmos, left eye
H05.262 Pulsating exophthalmos, left eye
H05.312 Atrophy of left orbit
H05.322 Deformity of left orbit due to bone disease
H05.332 Deformity of left orbit due to trauma or surgery
H05.342 Enlargement of left orbit
H05.352 Exostosis of left orbit
H05.402 Unspecified enophthalmos, left eye
H05.412 Enophthalmos due to atrophy of orbital tissue, left eye
H05.422 Enophthalmos due to trauma or surgery, left eye
H05.52 Retained (old) foreign body following penetrating wound of left orbit
H05.812 Cyst of left orbit
H05.822 Myopathy of extraocular muscles, left orbit
H10.012 Acute follicular conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.022 Other mucopurulent conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.12 Acute atopic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.212 Acute toxic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.222 Pseudomembranous conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.232 Serous conjunctivitis, except viral, left eye
H10.32 Unspecified acute conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.402 Unspecified chronic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.412 Chronic giant papillary conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.422 Simple chronic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.432 Chronic follicular conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.502 Unspecified blepharoconjunctivitis, left eye
H10.512 Ligneous conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.522 Angular blepharoconjunctivitis, left eye
H10.532 Contact blepharoconjunctivitis, left eye
H10.812 Pingueculitis, left eye
H10.822 Rosacea conjunctivitis, left eye
H11.002 Unspecified pterygium of left eye
H11.012 Amyloid pterygium of left eye
H11.022 Central pterygium of left eye
H11.032 Double pterygium of left eye
H11.042 Peripheral pterygium, stationary, left eye
H11.052 Peripheral pterygium, progressive, left eye
H11.062 Recurrent pterygium of left eye
H11.112 Conjunctival deposits, left eye
H11.122 Conjunctival concretions, left eye
H11.132 Conjunctival pigmentations, left eye
H11.142 Conjunctival xerosis, unspecified, left eye
H11.152 Pinguecula, left eye
H11.212 Conjunctival adhesions and strands (localized), left eye
H11.222 Conjunctival granuloma, left eye
H11.232 Symblepharon, left eye
H11.242 Scarring of conjunctiva, left eye
H11.32 Conjunctival hemorrhage, left eye
H11.412 Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, left eye
H11.422 Conjunctival edema, left eye
H11.432 Conjunctival hyperemia, left eye
H11.442 Conjunctival cysts, left eye
H11.812 Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, left eye
H11.822 Conjunctivochalasis, left eye
H15.002 Unspecified scleritis, left eye
H15.012 Anterior scleritis, left eye
H15.022 Brawny scleritis, left eye
H15.032 Posterior scleritis, left eye
H15.042 Scleritis with corneal involvement, left eye
H15.052 Scleromalacia perforans, left eye
H15.092 Other scleritis, left eye
H15.102 Unspecified episcleritis, left eye
H15.112 Episcleritis periodica fugax, left eye
H15.122 Nodular episcleritis, left eye
H15.812 Equatorial staphyloma, left eye
H15.822 Localized anterior staphyloma, left eye
H15.832 Staphyloma posticum, left eye
H15.842 Scleral ectasia, left eye
H15.852 Ring staphyloma, left eye
H16.002 Unspecified corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.012 Central corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.022 Ring corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.032 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, left eye
H16.042 Marginal corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.052 Mooren's corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.062 Mycotic corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.072 Perforated corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.102 Unspecified superficial keratitis, left eye
H16.112 Macular keratitis, left eye
H16.122 Filamentary keratitis, left eye
H16.132 Photokeratitis, left eye