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Z92.23 Personal history of estrogen therapy
Z92.240 Personal history of inhaled steroid therapy
Z92.241 Personal history of systemic steroid therapy
Z92.25 Personal history of immunosupression therapy
Z92.29 Personal history of other drug therapy
Z92.3 Personal history of irradiation
Z92.81 Personal history of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
Z92.82 Status post administration of tPA (rtPA) in a different facility within the last 24 hours prior to admission to current facility
Z92.83 Personal history of failed moderate sedation
Z92.84 Personal history of unintended awareness under general anesthesia
Z92.89 Personal history of other medical treatment
Z93.0 Tracheostomy status
Z93.1 Gastrostomy status
Z93.2 Ileostomy status
Z93.3 Colostomy status
Z93.4 Other artificial openings of gastrointestinal tract status
Z93.50 Unspecified cystostomy status
Z93.51 Cutaneous-vesicostomy status
Z93.52 Appendico-vesicostomy status
Z93.59 Other cystostomy status
Z93.6 Other artificial openings of urinary tract status
Z93.8 Other artificial opening status
Z93.9 Artificial opening status, unspecified
Z94.0 Kidney transplant status
Z94.1 Heart transplant status
Z94.2 Lung transplant status
Z94.3 Heart and lungs transplant status
Z94.4 Liver transplant status
Z94.5 Skin transplant status
Z94.6 Bone transplant status
Z94.7 Corneal transplant status
Z94.81 Bone marrow transplant status
Z94.82 Intestine transplant status
Z94.83 Pancreas transplant status
Z94.84 Stem cells transplant status
Z94.89 Other transplanted organ and tissue status
Z94.9 Transplanted organ and tissue status, unspecified
Z95.0 Presence of cardiac pacemaker
Z95.1 Presence of aortocoronary bypass graft
Z95.2 Presence of prosthetic heart valve
Z95.3 Presence of xenogenic heart valve
Z95.4 Presence of other heart-valve replacement
Z95.5 Presence of coronary angioplasty implant and graft
Z95.810 Presence of automatic (implantable) cardiac defibrillator
Z95.811 Presence of heart assist device
Z95.812 Presence of fully implantable artificial heart
Z95.818 Presence of other cardiac implants and grafts
Z95.820 Peripheral vascular angioplasty status with implants and grafts
Z95.828 Presence of other vascular implants and grafts
Z95.9 Presence of cardiac and vascular implant and graft, unspecified
Z96.0 Presence of urogenital implants
Z96.1 Presence of intraocular lens
Z96.20 Presence of otological and audiological implant, unspecified
Z96.21 Cochlear implant status
Z96.22 Myringotomy tube(s) status
Z96.29 Presence of other otological and audiological implants
Z96.3 Presence of artificial larynx
Z96.41 Presence of insulin pump (external) (internal)
Z96.49 Presence of other endocrine implants
Z96.5 Presence of tooth-root and mandibular implants
Z96.60 Presence of unspecified orthopedic joint implant
Z96.611 Presence of right artificial shoulder joint
Z96.612 Presence of left artificial shoulder joint
Z96.619 Presence of unspecified artificial shoulder joint
Z96.621 Presence of right artificial elbow joint
Z96.622 Presence of left artificial elbow joint
Z96.629 Presence of unspecified artificial elbow joint
Z96.631 Presence of right artificial wrist joint
Z96.632 Presence of left artificial wrist joint
Z96.639 Presence of unspecified artificial wrist joint
Z96.641 Presence of right artificial hip joint
Z96.642 Presence of left artificial hip joint
Z96.643 Presence of artificial hip joint, bilateral
Z96.649 Presence of unspecified artificial hip joint
Z96.651 Presence of right artificial knee joint
Z96.652 Presence of left artificial knee joint
Z96.653 Presence of artificial knee joint, bilateral
Z96.659 Presence of unspecified artificial knee joint
Z96.661 Presence of right artificial ankle joint
Z96.662 Presence of left artificial ankle joint
Z96.669 Presence of unspecified artificial ankle joint
Z96.691 Finger-joint replacement of right hand
Z96.692 Finger-joint replacement of left hand
Z96.693 Finger-joint replacement, bilateral
Z96.698 Presence of other orthopedic joint implants
Z96.7 Presence of other bone and tendon implants
Z96.81 Presence of artificial skin
Z96.89 Presence of other specified functional implants
Z96.9 Presence of functional implant, unspecified
Z97.0 Presence of artificial eye
Z97.10 Presence of artificial limb (complete) (partial), unspecified
Z97.11 Presence of artificial right arm (complete) (partial)
Z97.12 Presence of artificial left arm (complete) (partial)
Z97.13 Presence of artificial right leg (complete) (partial)
Z97.14 Presence of artificial left leg (complete) (partial)
Z97.15 Presence of artificial arms, bilateral (complete) (partial)
Z97.16 Presence of artificial legs, bilateral (complete) (partial)
Z97.2 Presence of dental prosthetic device (complete) (partial)
Z97.3 Presence of spectacles and contact lenses
Z97.4 Presence of external hearing-aid