Hip Outcome Measures

  Merle d'Aubigne Scale  Merle d'Aubigne Scale
  • Matta JM. JBJS 1996;78A:1632
  • The range of motion is expressed as the percentage of the value for the normal hip. This is calculated by obtaining a total of the ranges, in degrees, of flexion-extension, abduction, adduction, external rotation, and internal rotation for the injured hip and dividing it by the total for the normal hip.
  • The clinical score is determined by adding the points for pain, walking, and range of motion.
Harris Hip Score Harris Hip Score
  • Most commonly used for THA post-op evaluation
  • May have a ceiling effect and not be sensitive enough to detect subtle differences between different total hip bearing surfaces. Riddle, Arhtritis Rheum 2008;59:876
  • Harris WH, JBJS 1969:51:737
  Musculoskeletal Function Assessment
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types of outcome measures used in hip and knee replacement clinical trials: a
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