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Cutaneous Innervation LE

  Cutaneous Innervation LE
  1. Lateral femoral cutaneous n.
  2. Anterior femoral cutaneous n.
  3. Posterior femoral cutaneous n.
  4. Obturator n.
  5. Infrapatellar branch of saphenous n.
  6. Lateral sural cutaneous n.
  7. Medial crural cutaneous branches of saphenous n.
  8. Sural n.
  9. Lateral sural cutaneous branch of common peroneal n.
  10. Superficial peroneal n.
  11. Deep peroneal n.
  12. Medial calcaneal branch of tibial n.


Sensory / Motor Root Lesions
  1. L1
  2. L2
    -hip flexion and thigh adduction
    DDX: lumbar plexus palsy, HNP
  3. L3
    -hip flexion and thigh adduction
    DDX: lumbar plexus palsy, HNP
  4. L4
    -Vastus lateralis/medialis, rectus femoris, Tibialis Anterior, thight adduction
    -lumbar plexus palsy, HNP, femoral nerve palsy
  5. L5
    -Tibialis Anterior, Peroneus longus, EHL, Tibialis Posterior, gluteus medius
    -sciatica, peroneal nerve palsy, HNP
  6. S1
    -hamstrings, gasctroc
    -sciatica, HNP
  7. S2
  8. S4,5
  9. S3
  10. L5


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