Rhabdomyolysis M62.82 728.88

ICD-9 Classification / Treatment
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Rhabdomyolysis ICD-10

  • M62.82 - Rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis ICD-9

  • 728.88 Rhabdomyolysis 728.88

Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • muscle necrosis causing the release of myoglobin into the bloodstream. 
  • May be asymptomatic or may result in electrolyte imbalances or renal failure. 
  • Ofter caused by trauma such as crush injuries or elderly patients with falls that are not found initially and are down an immobile for extended periods



Clinical Evaluation

  •  CPK, Myoglobin, lytes and urinalysis should be ordered. 
  • Elevated CPK, + serum myoglobin test, may have  high levels of serum potassium
  • Urinalysis may show casts, + hemoglobin + positive myoglobin test
  • Hyperkalemia or hyperphospatemia may occur from cell lysis

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