Clavicle Fracture ORIF Case 1

 Clavicle Fracture

18y/o RHD male sustained right a closed displaced medial 1/3 clavicle fracture in fall while mountain biking. Injury view shown.

Physical exam noted moderate skin tenting.



clavicle fracture ORIF xray

Treatment = ORIF with Acumed Clavicle Plate. Post-operative view shown.

Post-operatively patient noted numbness just inferior to his incision over an area of approximately 3cm x 2cm despite careful preservation of the cluneal nerves during surgery.

clavicle fracture plate xray

One year post-operative xray. Patient continued to have activity related pain around the hardware and elected to have the hardware removed.

healed clavicle fracture

6 weeks status post hardware removal. Patient noted no pain and returned to full activities.