Bankart Lesion Cases

Bankart lesion mri

 29yo RHD female with left shoulder anterioinferior instability. Initial sustained traumatic dislocation over 10 years earlier with several subsequent dislocations requiring sedation for relocation. At presentation dislocations occured with minimal abduction/ER movements. Gadolinium enhanced MRI shown.

  1. Displaced anterior labrum
  2. Glenoid
  3. Humeral Head
  4. Subscapularis tendon
  5. Long head of biceps tendon in bicipital groove.


Bankart lesion mri

More inferior MRI image demonstrating bony Bankart lesion in the anterior inferior glenoid.

  1. Bony defect in anterior inferior glenoid
  2. Glenoid
  3. Humeral head
  4. Long head of biceps tendon in bicipital groove
Bankart lesion picture

30 y/o male 1 year after traumatic anterior-inferior shoulder dislocation with recurrent instability.

  1. Bankart lesion / anterior labrum
  2. Bankart lesion / anterior inferior labrum
  3. Glenoid
  4. Humeral Head

Arthroscopic view from beach chair position

Hill-Sachs lesion picture

Corresponding Hill-Sachs deformity in above patient.

  1. Rotator Cuff
  2. Hill-Sachs lesion (depressed humeral head)
  3. Humeral Head-normal area
  4. Glenoid

Arthroscopic view from beach chair position

bankart lesion repair

Example of Bankart repair using three 2.4mm Arthrex Biosuturetac anchors.