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Antibiotic Beads 11981


Antibiotic Beads / Cement CPT Coding

Antibiotic cement / Antibiotic beads

  • Commercially available pre-mixed antibiotic cement is low-dose and indicated for prophylaxis, not treatment of infection.
  • High dose:. 3.6g tobramycin and 1g vancomycin per 40g of bone cement. (Penner MJ, J Arthroplasty 1996;11:939).
  • Alternate mixture: 3 bags cement, 4 grams vancomycin, 4 grams ceftazidime (Backstein D, AAOS Annual meeting 2014)
  • Addition of more than 4.5 g of powder substantially weakens bone cement;
  • Approx 8 grams of antibiotic powder per 40 gm of cement is the highest amount that can be added
  • See also Wheeles antibiotic cement notes.