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The eORIF website is utilized by practicing orthopaedic surgeons worldwide. It provides a quick reference for surgeons that is easy utilized during a busy work day when treatment decisions are actually being made. As such it provides a useful platform for device manufactures to present information on their products at a time when it is most useful to the surgeon.

While there are countless avenues for device manufactures to present their products to orthopaedic surgeons it will almost never be seen by an orthopaedic surgeon in the instant they are deciding on the specific product to use. The eORIF webspace presents a valuable resource for manufactures to present their products to the surgeon at the time they are reviewing information and deciding patient treatment decisions.

Ad space is available on the eORIF website on a monthly or yearly basis. Ads can be positioned on any particular page in the site, or distributed site wide. Costs are determined on an individual basis based on add size and site location and are extremely competitive as compared to other advertising options such as print adds in orthopaedic journals and web advertisement. For further information please contact


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