Acromion Fracture Case

 Acomion fracture axillary xray


50y/o male sustained a displaced Type III acromion fracture in a fall onto shoulder. Axillary injury view shown.

Acromion fracture A/P xray AP injury view of acromion fracture.
Acriomion fracture surgical approach Underwent ORIF via a posterior Judet approach. Surgical exposure shown. Patients is in lateral decubitus position with the head to left in the image.
Acromion fracture ORIF picture Reduction and fixation was performed with a Synthes 3.5mm pelvic reconstruction plate and non-locking cortical screws.  
Acromion fracture ORIF xray  Follow up AP xray of acromion fracture.
Acromion fracture ORIF axillary xray  Follow up axillary view of acromion fracture following ORIF.