Upper Extremity Neurovascular

Cutaneous Innervation UE

Cutaneous Innervation UE

  1. Supraclavicular nerve
  2. Axillary nerve (superior lateral brachial cutaneous n.)
  3. Intercostobrachial nerve and medial brachial cutaneous nerve
  4. Medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve
  5. Lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve
  6. Ulnar nerve
  7. Median nerve
  8. Inferior lateral brachial cutaneous branch of Radial nerve.
  9. Posterior brachial cutaneous branch of Radial nerve.
  10. Inferior lateral brachial cutaneous branch of Radial nerve.
  11. Posterior antebrachial cutaneous branch of Radial nerve.
  12. Superficial and digital branchs of Radial nerve.
  13. Superficial branch of Radial nerve.


Sensory/Motor Roots Lesions

  1. C4:
  2. C5
    -scapular pain with vague sensory changes.
    -supraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoid
    -DDX:Upper cord brachial plexus palsy, suprascapular N palsy, axillary N palsy
  3. C6
    -Retroscapular, thumb, index finger pain
    -Biceps, brachioradialis, pronator teres
    -DDX: brachial plexus palsy,
  4. C7
    -retroscapular pain, pain/numbness in long & middle fingers
    -triceps, wrist, finger extensors and flexors
    -brachial plexus palsy, radial nerve palsy, median nerve palsy
  5. C8
    - medial forearm, ring & small finger numbness/pain
    -finger extensors & flexors, intrinsics
    -lower cord brachial plexus palsy, radial / median / ulnar nerve palsy
  6. T1-same as C8 above
  7. T2

Quadrilateral Space

  1. Teres minor
  2. Triceps (long head)
  3. Teres major
  4. Humerus
  5. Axillary Nerve
  6. Posterior humeral circumflex artery

See Quadrilateral Space Syndrome.

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