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Brachial Plexus

  1. Dorsal Scapular N. C5
  2. Suprascapular N C5,6
  3. To Subclavius C5,6
  4. Lateral Pectoral N C5,6,7
  5. Musculocutaneous N C(4)5,6,7
  6. Axillary N C5,6
  7. Radial N C5,6,7,8,T1
  8. Medain N C(5),6,7,8,T1
  9. Ulnar N C(7),8, T1
  10. Subscapular N C5,6
  11. Thoracodorsal N C6,7,8
  12. Subscapular N C5,6
  13. Medial Pectoral N C8, T1
  14. Medial brachial cutaneous T1
  15. Medial antebrachial cutaneous C8, T1
  16. Long thoracic N C5,6,7

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