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Tibial Torsion M21.969 736.89

  Tibial Torsion ICD-10


Tibial Torsion ICD-9

  • 736.89 other acquired deformities of limbs; arm or leg, not elsewhere classified

Tibial Torsion Natural History, Etiology

  • most common cause of intoeing from 1-3 y/o
  • thought to be caused by intrauterine postioning

Tibial Torsion Clinical Evaluation

  • thigh-foot axis, transmalleolar axis
  • c/o clumsy, trips frequently

Tibial Torsion Treatment

  • generally resolves spontaneously by age 4
  • treated with supramaleolar osteotomy with plate fixation for ER >30 and IR >15 in pts >8yrs old

External Tibial Torsion; associated with NM disease, tends to increase with age, can lead to patelofemoral pain and patellofemoral instability


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