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Sprain ICD-10 S@3


  • injury to a ligament/joint. 
  • ICD-10 sprain = S@3.    @ is the anatomic location of the sprain:
  1.     = neck
  2.     = thoracic spine
  3.     = lumbar spine and pelvis
  4.     = shoulder
  5.     = elbow
  6.     = wrist, hand, fingers
  7.     = hip
  8.     = knee
  9.     = ankle, toes, foot

Sprain grading

  •     Grade 1—slight stretching with some damage to the fibers of the ligament
  •     Grade 2—partial tear of the ligament with some laxity
  •     Grade 3—complete tear of the ligament with gross instability


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