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Skewfoot 754.53


Synonyms: Congenital metatarsus varus, Serpentine metatarsus adductus, S-shaped foot, serpentine foot, and Z-foot deformity

Skewfoot ICD-9

  • 754.52 metatarsus primus varus
  • 754.53 metatarsus varus

Skewfoot Natural History / Etiology

  • Adducted metatarsals combined with valgus heel and plantarflexion of the talus
  • Idiopathic vs improper casting for metatarsus adductus or clubfoot
  • Natural hx unclear, some resolve spontaneously.

Skewfoot Clinical Evaluation

  • Pain or callus formation under the head of the talus and base of 5th MT.  Shoe wear problems

Skewfoot Treatment

  • May resolve spontaneously
  • Surgery indicated for persistent symptoms in children >6y/o.  Opening wedge osteotomy of the calcaneous and medial cuneiform(Mosca, J Pediatr Orthop 1993;13:807-812)

Skewfoot References


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