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Pelvic Apophysitis M93.959 732.9



Pelvic Apophysitis ICD-10

Pelvic Apophysitis ICD-9

  • 732.9 Unspecified osteochondropathy  Apophysitis

Pelvic Apophysitis Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Overuse use injury at insertion sites of major abdominal and hips muscles around the pelvis (ASIS, ischial tuberosity) in children and adolescents.
  • More common in distance runners, dancers, hockey, football

Pelvic Apophysitis Anatomy

Pelvic Apophysitis Clinical Evaluation

  • Dull, activity-related pain.

Pelvic Apophysitis Xray / Diagnositc Tests

  • A/P pelvis, A/P and lateral of affected hip: generally normal or demonstrate widening of the affected apophysis.

Pelvic Apophysitis Classification / Treatment

  • Rule out Ischial Tuberosity Avulsion Fracture.
  • NSAIDs, ice, activity modifications with gradual return to sport with lateral abdominal and hip abduction exercises after symptoms have resolved, generally 4 weeks.

Pelvic Apophysitis Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

Pelvic Apophysitis Follow-up Care

  • Begin lateral abdominal and hip abduction exercises after symptoms have resolved.
  • Gradually return to sports when asymptomatic, generally 4-8 weeks.

Pelvic Apophysitis Review References

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  • °


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