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ICD-9 and CPT Codes

  • ICD-9:
  • CPT Codes = AMA CPT search.
  • CPT and ICD-9 are copyright American Medical Association, all right reserved.
  • Codes listed are generalized estimates and may not fit any particular patient and may not reflected the most current ICD-9 codes. They serve as a starting point to find the correct code in a coding manual.
  • Excellent coding manuals are available from the AAOS resourse center.

CPT Modifiers

  • -22: increased procedural services. used when work is substantially greater than typically required. IE revision ACL 29888-22.
  • -25: significant, separately identifiable E&M service provided on same day as main procedure or service. IE 20610-25 added to follow-up visit E&M code for pateint with trochanteric bursitis resistant to treatment treated with injection.
  • -58: staged or related procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period.
  • -59: distinct procedural service performed on the same day.
  • -76: repeat procedure or service by same physician.
  • -78: unplanned return to the OR during postoperative period
  • -AS: Physician assistant modifier used assuming the payer accepts the -AS modifier. ACL example: surgeon reports 29888, PA reports 29888-AS. Medicare pays for assistants for certain CPT codes, See CodeX if certain codes allow assistant modifiers, also see (click onf 2007 Physicians as assistants at Surgery Study), and
  • -80, -81, -82: modifiers used for second assist surgeon.


  • V66.4 Following treatment of fracture
  • V67.0 Following Surgery
  • V67.4 Following treatment of healed fracture
  • V76.9 Unspecified follow-up examination

Layered Closure of Wounds

  • see 12034 etc, there are no associated ICD-9 codes.
  • 13121 Repair, complex
  • 15100 split-thickness autograph
  • 20103 exploration of penetrating wound; extremity

Debridement of Open Fractures

  • 11010 (Debridement of open fractures: skin, subQ)
  • 11011 (Debridement of open fractures: skin, subQ, muscle fascia, muscle)
  • 11012 (Debridement of open fractures: skin, subQ, muscle fascia, muscle and bone)


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