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Hip Arthrodesis 27284


synonyms:hip arthrodesis, hip fusion

Hip Arthrodesis CPT

  • 27284 Arthrodesis, hip joint (including obtaining graft)
  • 27286 Arthrodesis, hip joint (including obtaining graft); with subtrochanteric osteotomy


Hip Arthrodesis Indications

  • Young active patient with severe acquired of developmental hip disease.

Hip Arthrodesis Contraindications

  • Pain / disease in the lumbar spin, ipsilateral knee, or contralateral hip

Hip Arthrodesis Alternatives

Hip Arthrodesis Pre-op Planning

  • Optimal postion for arthrodesis = 5°-10° external rotation; 20°-30° flexion and nuetral adduction.

Hip Arthrodesis Technique

  • Sign operative site.
  • Pre-operative antibiotics, +/- regional block.
  • General endotracheal anesthesia
  • position. All bony prominences well padded.
  • Examination under anesthesia.
  • Prep and drape in standard sterile fashion.
  • Irrigate.
  • Close in layers.

Hip Arthrodesis Complications

Hip Arthrodesis Follow-up care

  • Post-op:
  • 7-10 Days:
  • 6 Weeks:
  • 3 Months:
  • 6 Months:
  • 1Yr:

Hip Arthrodesis Outcomes

  • 30% increased energy expenditure for ambulation.

Hip Arthrodesis Review References

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