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Sport Specific Injuries

Ballet / Dancing Injuries Running Injuries
Baseball Injuries Rowing Injuries
Basketball Injuries Rugby Injuries
Boxing Injuries Snow Skiing Injuries
Cycling Injuries Soccer Injuries
Softball Injuries
Diving Injuries Swimming Injuries
Equestrian Injuries Tennis Injuries
Throwing Athlete
Figure Skating Injuries Volleyball Injuries
Football Injuries Water Skiing / Wakeboarding Injuries
Golf Injuries Weight Lifting / Bodybuilding Injuries
Gymnastics Injuries Wrestling Injuries
Hockey Injuries

Ballet / Dancing Injuries

Baseball Injuries

Basketball Injuries

Boxing Injuries


Cycling Injuries

Diving Injuries

Equestrian Injuries

  • Injury rate = 1/350 to 1/1,000 riding hours. 15%-27% of injuries are severe enough for hospital admission.
  • Spondylolysis: cervical and lumbar.
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Petridou E, J Trauma 2004;56:643; Lim J, ANZ J Surg 2003;73:567

Figure Skating Injuries

Football Injuries

Golf Injuries

Gymnastics Injuries

Hockey Injuries
-45.5% of professional hockey players will have radiographic abnormalities of the clavicle (Norfray AF, AJSM 1977;5:275).

Running Injuries

Rowing Injuries

Rugby Injuries

Snowboarding Injuries

Snow skiing Injuries

Soccer Injuries

Softball Injuries

Swimming Injuries

Tennis Injuries

Volleyball Injuries

Water Skiing / Wakeboarding Injuries

  • Hamstring Rupture (water skiing)
  • Head Injury (more common in wakeboarding) (Hostetler SG, AJSM 2005;33:1065).
  • Lower extremity sprains
  • Lacerations (most commonly facial)

Weight Lifting / Body Building Injuries

Wrestling Injuries

  • Impetigo Contagiosa: bacterial infection spread by direct skin contact; generally from staph or strep. Appears as vesicles on erythematous base that may coalesce with hellow drainage, honey-colored crusting. RX: small areas=bactroban cream; large areas=PO cephalexin / dicloxacillin / erythromycin.
  • Spondylolysis
  • Olecranon bursitis
  • AOSSM Wrestling

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